Monday, October 3, 2016

Bike Church

This is probably the smallest pocket park on this blog (so far). It's the Bike Church, built to honor bicyclists — mostly ones killed in traffic accidents.

Only a few people can fit inside. (If you feel like kneeling, there's nowhere except on the floor…)

The photos above are from 2010. Since then, the church is now on a concrete pad with other park-like features around it. Here's the area on September 28th. A path from the north side:

A little garden, bike rack, bench, an an area covered with brick:

Now the church is sitting on a platform instead of on the ground. Here's the view from the entrance:

This shows a bicycle along the wall with shadows from sun shining through the stained glass:

Location: North of downtown on Granada, just south of the railroad tracks.

Parking: A parking lot behind the church or along Davis Street.

Hours: There are a couple of streetlights in the area, but you'll probably want to come while it's sunny so you can see the stained glass.

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