Monday, February 3, 2020

Park 'n' Park(let)

Just down the street from our previous parklet (at 86 E. Alameda) is the Public Works parking garage. Nestled in a narrow patio between it and the building at 201 N. Stone is this nook:

The high walls around it on the west, south and east, plus the umbrellas over the tables and the tree, should pretty much guarantee shade on a hot day. (I was there on rainy January 21st.) There are bike racks. It's just across the street from the main library, so it's a good place to read outside.

Enter from the north or south. Here's the south entrance, which is just to the right of the parking garage ramp, where the pedestrian is walking toward the camera:

Location: Northeast corner of Alameda and Church

Hours: Daylight — or maybe parking garage hours

Parking: In the garage :)