Monday, August 1, 2016

Desert Sanctuary at Immanuel Presbyterian Church

David Aber told me about this spot — on the east side of town, near 22nd & Harrison. It's almost three acres (350 x 350 feet) of desert environment with dirt paths, benches, foot bridge, ramada, fire pit, maze/labyrinth, and a multi-sided column with messages in several languages. He visits often because it's a great place for wildflowers. But he also points out that the only shade is under the ramada, and there's no water. David sent these photos to give you a good idea of the place.

Here's the column and some benches for contemplation:

David wrote that it “has two words on the side that I photographed — Dodolimdag and Vrede. Dodolimdag is Pima/Tohono O’odham meaning peace. Vrede is Dutch, also meaning peace. Presumably, the other sides also have words meaning peace.”

Views of the rest of the parklet:

Thanks so much, David!

Location: Southeast of the church buildings and parking lot. Directly south of Saguaro Eastside Medical Group at 9302 E. 22nd. Here's a Google satellite view.

Parking: You can use the church parking lot, though it might be polite to leave spaces for churchgoers during services and other events. (The church website is During weekends, you can also use the Saguaro Eastside Medical Group, then walk south into the parklet; there's easy access to the trails from there.

Hours: Always open, but no light at night… and, as David points out, desert critters (like rattlesnakes) may be visiting at night, too. (Still: Walking a labyrinth under the full moon can be magical — especially on a warm summer evening.)

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