Monday, June 1, 2020

Picnic and playground with A view

In the Barrio Kroeger Lane Neighborhood Association is this wonderful little parklet called Verdugo Park. Just across the Santa Cruz is “A” Mountain (painted blue the week I was there, May 9th). There's access to The Loop bicycle and multi-use path. There are big and small grills, shaded picnic tables, a playground, basketball hoop, a ramada, and a drinking fountain.

Playground, picnic table and small grill

Ramada and large grill

Closeup of large grill

Basketball hoop (The Loop and blue “A” Mountain behind)

Just a bit south is a community garden (overgrown now) with a four-sided mural and another picnic table. Today's entry Mural on a box in a garden (click there to see it) on The Tucson Murals Project blog shows it.

LOCATION: Just northwest of 22nd Street at I-10 along The Loop path.

PARKING:Three car parking spaces, also street parking. A bit of bike parking.

HOURS: There's one streetlight over the parking area. A sign says the parklet is closed from 10 PM to 6 AM, but this is very much in the middle of a neighborhood… you might want to leave earlier.

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