Monday, February 6, 2017

Take a break on Marvelous Meyer

Just south of the Convention Center — where the Barrio Viejo starts — after you walk past the historic Teatro Carmen, Meyer Avenue looks uninviting. There's some dilapidated fencing, a block-long vacant lot, and lots of Tucson-strength sun. Keep walking.

Another block or two south are some fun residences. You'll pass a private museum with a dreamy mural on the south side.

A bit farther south is another mural showing the history of the Barrio.

Halfway between 17th and 18th Streets, on the shady west side of the street, is a perfect place to rest and take in the neighborhood — which, by now, has changed from looking like old Tucson to looking like modern-emulating-old Tucson. The architecture is modern. Look up and you'll see a mural/sign ”La Frontera”. (Click there to see photos of the mural being made, and a close-up taken from the height of the mural, on the Tucson Murals Project blog.)

Underneath is a mosaic-topped bench:

(I used my favorite free Photoshop-like editor, GIMP, to darken the sunny spot at the bottom between the left and middle edges.)

Location: Between doors to 630 and 648 South Meyer (I couldn't find an address for the building it's on, though I told Google Maps my guess of 640).

Hours: Daylight hours, I guess, though it might be interesting on a warm summer night. (The street is quiet. Please respect neighbors by being quiet yourself; thanks.)

Parking: Street parking (If you drive, you can park near this spot. If you walk from the north, there's no free parking near the Convention Center.)

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