Friday, July 3, 2015

Fixed location for El Parque de Orlando y Diego Mendoza, and others

The other two blogs I contrubute to, The Tucson Murals Project and Tucson Mailbox Art, have a place near the bottom of each entry that gives its location. You can click on that location to get a Google map.

I've filled in the location box most times I've made entries here on the Tucson's Pocket Parks blog. But today I discovered that the location info hasn't been appearing as it does on the two other blogs. I just fixed that this morning. So, although this particular entry you're reading just now doesn't have a location to click (because this entry isn't about a particular place), most of the others should.

If you'd like an example, have a look at the end of our February, 2015 entry 8 x 18.

See you next month!

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