Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Memorial Plaza

This plaza has benches along both sides of a curved wall. One side of the wall (see below) is lined with plaques — like the one on the right for the U.S. Merchant Marine:

The other (west) side is as peaceful — not counting the bursts of traffic along Aviation Parkway (which runs just south of the Plaza):

Location: On Richey Boulevard just north of Aviation Parkway.

Hours: 24 hours, but there's not much to do at night! I've seen homeless people sleeping in the area; you might want to leave them in peace and come back during the daytime.


  1. Is there any organization concerned with the upkeep of this plaza on Richey? If so, could you please remove, or better yet, replace the shredded American flag that has been hanging there for weeks?

  2. How much did the addition on the east side cost?