Monday, September 30, 2013

Epes Randolph Memorial

At the northeast corner of Reid Park, and the west edge of Randolph Park — is this memorial to railroad man Epes Randolph. A big man in Tucson history, he lived from August 16, 1856 to August 22, 1921.

Epes Randolph Memorial, Tucson, Arizona - from the south


Between the train wheels are benches.

Mr. Randolph and a plaque about this memorial:

Epes Randolph sculpture in Tucson, May 2013

Plaque at the base of the Epes Randolph sculpture showing railroad map of the Tucson-railroads that Epes Randolph commended

You can read more — and see a lot more photos — on the page about this memorial at The Historical Marker Database.

American-born sculptor Nicholas Lowell Burke, who was born in 1957, is listed as artist (on a plaque there). The project was funded by the City of Tucson; it's dated 2006.

Location: Northwest corner of Camino Campestre & Randolph Way.

Hours: Open 24 hours, though it's not well-lit at night.

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